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What About Crops That Require Pesticides On An Emergent Basis?

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Pests (animals, plants, or microorganisms) affect the productivity and quality of the harvest. Therefore, adjuvants’ use is consistent with the responsible application of phytosanitary products to eliminate harmful agents.

Constant monitoring makes it possible to determine the suitability of spraying. With this practice, sectors of the lot affected by insects, weeds, or diseases are identified.

In insects, if the level of economic damage from the pest exceeds the cost of controlling it, then a pesticide is applied. Estimates of areas to be treated are made for weeds or diseases. The best pest protection plan is to exterminate your home of pest.

The pest characteristics to be treated and its state of development, as well as the phase of cultivation, will determine the actions. For this reason, the professional evaluates and determines which or which adjuvants require a certain phytosanitary for efficient application.

The use of adjuvant optimizes the phytosanitary behavior and efficiency applied to control the pest that threatens the crop.

In the lots where the first application against insects was made, this monitoring allows evaluating possible reinfections at 15 or 20 days. It should be taken into account that the plants’ development generates parts that were not previously treated.

It should be noted that the rains accelerate the deterioration of the active agent applied to the crop. Hence, new sprays are required. For this reason, adjuvants provide effectiveness to reduce the number of applications.

Agricultural service companies provide comprehensive advisory services and products for spraying with precision, efficiency, and effectiveness. These three parameters allow controlling pests to increase productivity. The adjuvant as a potentiator of the effects of the pesticide

Perhaps the logical question is: why the use of an adjuvant if the pesticide is the one that fulfills the phytosanitary function? The answer is overwhelming: because this additive in the spray mixture enhances the pesticide effect.


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