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What Are Flannel Sheets and Why Are They So Great?

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If you’re constantly worried about staying warm, or maybe have a condition that needs you to remain warm, flannel sheet sets are the best alternative for your needs. They can also help you get sound sleep during winter, or colder months. These come in a variety styles, and luxurious, breathable warm cotton flannel sheets. Flannel sheets come in a variety of sets such as the micro flannel which are less expensive and are easy to maintain. With this being said, it’s important to take note that there is a lot of false information out there about flannel. These myths include that flannel is too hot, and that choosing microfiber is far better than flannel, and so forth. Although these sheets can shed and pill, they can last for a longer period.

In this article, we’re going to look at whether these sheet sets are actually warmer, if they are worth buying especially since you’ll mostly use them during winter months, and which are the best value for money. Let’s get into it:

The Advantages of Flannel Sheets over Traditional Blankets and Comforters

Get Better Zizz’s

Getting yourself flannel sheet sets has great benefits for sleep. Not only do they provide instant warmth, but they also feel dry and have a comforting feel to them. No one wants to go to bed and experience an icy chill in any section of the bed, and this makes warmth an essential part of a good night’s sleep. With a flannel sheet, tossing and turning throughout the night searching for warm sections for a comforter won’t be an issue.

Relieving Joint Pains for Older Folk, Especially with Arthritis

We all know that older people need a bit more attention than most of us. As time passes, aliments creep in – things such as arthritic joints especially during colder months make things worse for them. Buying a set of flannel sheets can be really helpful for them to stay warm throughout the night, and even during the day should they need to cover themselves. Think about getting high-quality flannel sheet sets as a gift for your loved ones this holiday season.

Cuts Down on Heating Costs

Flannel sheets aren’t just great because of the style, designs and warmth qualities, they also have an economical value. Sales on flannel sheets have sky-rocketed more than ever before because of how they can help households save on heating costs.

This Product Can Trap Heat in Insulating Air Pockets

Flannels are designed through a process of pressing a thick fabric on a heavy steel cylinder, each of these come with thousands of sharp metal teeth. This process is called napping and it pulls hundreds of thousands of fibres from the basic fabric and forms millions of insulating air pockets. This further creates fuzz making flannel sheets great for warmth.

The air pockets encompassed in flannel sheets collect and hold heat in from your body and help keep you cuddly. These pockets retain and remain warm even out of bed and this is why they’re always warm when you get back to bed.


What You Need to Look Out For When Getting Flannel Sheet Sets

The two main types of flannels you can instantly choose from, will depend on the primary fabric they come in which include, cotton flannel and micro flannel. The difference with the two is that cotton is made from, well, cotton, and micro flannel from polyester.

  • Look at weight, and not thread count! – Flannel is usually seen through its weight. They are generally marked ‘5 Oz’ which means that one square yard is weighs about 5 ounces. This is generally the best quality cotton flannel you’ll get, whereas 4 ounces is usually the best for micro flannel.
  • However, heavier is always better – Too much weight can be a sign of poor quality flannel sheets. Mills produce heavier flannel as they use thick, fat yarns that make it more difficult to nap in.
  • Country of origin counts! – For most cotton flannel sheets, German and Portuguese sets are the best. In many cases with products that many suppliers offer, good Portuguese flannel sheets are most preferred because of their quality, and what’s great is that it can be less expensive than most alternatives. When it comes to micro flannel, Chinese is a great option, but make sure you pay attention to the weight issue. Lightweight micro flannel sheets don’t always have the napped property on both sides.

Now that you have a bit more insight into what flannel sheets are and what some of the benefits are, you might be wondering where the best place to get your set is. At Sleepworld International, our bedding sets are superior and come with value attached to them. Getting your flannel sheet sets from us will add style, class and warmth to your bed. Browse our website to view all our offerings.

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