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What are the Benefits of a Stucco House

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The exterior of your home makes a long-lasting impression on your guests and others. The exterior is the most vital aspect of any home, and therefore it is of utmost importance to take care of. The entire curb appeal of your property depends on how well you maintain it or use the latest designs on your home’s exterior. Moreover, adding the latest trends to your home’s exterior brings a good resale value for your home when you sell it in the market. 

One such latest trend that is gaining huge popularity among many homeowners is choosing a stucco house. Thus, you need to choose your stucco contractor wisely as they would not only make your house look elegant, but also makes your home energy-efficient. 


The reason for choosing stucco is its great advantage of longevity. A typical stucco can last up to 50 years with minimal or no maintenance. Moreover, stucco contracts and expands as per changing temperatures, this lowers the chance of falling apart or developing cracks because of the changing climates. 

When a stucco contractor applies waterproofing to the building’s exterior, it will automatically prevent your house from rot, mold, and mold growth. 


The greatest advantage of having a stucco house is it’s minimal to no maintenance as compared to other materials. Furthermore, you do not need to apply paint, replace, or even reinstall a stucco. For those who live in Canada, stucco is an excellent choice because during the winters the snow tends to cover the entire building. But if you use stucco, it wards off excessive snow from the walls. 

It is even easy to apply power washing to clean the stucco if you notice any signs of dirt, dust, or debris. Simply paint the stucco whenever you see dirty marks on the stucco. 

Improves Resale Value

Installing a stucco for your building can improve the resale value of your home drastically. It makes your home energy-efficient and is a great option for fire resistance, minimal maintenance. Additionally, it also improves the aesthetic appeal of your home. 

Besides offering a great resale value, it also lets you apply for premium insurance plans for safeguarding against fire, and other accidents. 

Simple Installation

The other great benefit of installing a stucco for your home is its simple and easy installation. Because of this easy installation, it takes a meager two days to dry when your stucco contractor has applied the stucco on your home. 

After the completion of the installation, you only need to pick any color of your choice. You can even change the color type similar to a brick wall.

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