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What is fake turf and what are its advantages?

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A fake turf Sunderland is a great option for putting some greenery on your yard, without the hassle of tedious maintenance. We are therefore talking about an advantageous solution which is however accompanied by some drawbacks. 

Find out the essentials about this fake greenery before integrating it into your outdoor space. Today, it is quite possible to find Fake turfs that give the illusion of being in front of plants, but which are also very pleasant to the touch.

For this, it is better to choose a high-end quality level by checking a few essential points:

– Resistance to tearing,

– Permeability

– The material

– The height of the turf

– The weight

– The duration of the guarantee


What is Fake turf Sunderland?

The Fake turf is a replica of natural grass. Created in the 1970s, it has evolved considerably to become today a perfect imitation. Quality products have a look, texture, and touch that looks like natural turfs.

Artificial grass is used in parks and gardens as well as in the sports world and small spaces such as balconies and terraces. It is also found in salons and on exhibition sites, bringing freshness and aesthetics to the decor.

How is Fake Turf made?

Fake turf Sunderland has several names such as artificial turf, artificial turf, synthetic turf, or even false turf. Fake turf was initially designed to imitate natural grass as much as possible. 

Fake turf is designed using plastics produced by chemical synthesis to bring together the characteristics of natural turf.

The first fake turf Sunderland was designed in the 1940s for sporting purposes. In fact, in the United States, equestrian centers have been equipped with fake turf to limit dust as much as possible.

What are the advantages of Fake turf Sunderland?

With fake turf Sunderland, you don’t have to worry about watering or even mowing. Your grass will be green all the time although you don’t have to invest in fertilizers and the like. Also, synthetic materials solve the problem of weed allergy that many people suffer from.

One of the many advantages of a Fake Turf is that it does not require any maintenance and no watering. The Fake Turf allows you to have a green garden all year round regardless of the climatic conditions of the region where you live.

If you live in a hot area, an artificial turf will effectively protect you against insects, especially mosquitoes, but also against dust formation. 

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