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What Things You Must Consider While Buying Property in Costa Del Sol

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Housing is a safe haven for many conservative homebuyers who want to make a profit on their money. If you are one of them, it is important that you take into account these tips for investing in homes.

And, without a doubt, investing in new housing in 2020 is a good opportunity to make a profit in the future without being exposed to the risks of the financial market. This year, the return on deposits and government bonds is below 1% and 1.4%, respectively. However, the profitability of home rental reaches 4% , according to the latest data from the Bank of Costa del sol. Looking at these figures, the conclusion is clear: it is profitable to invest in housing. As you buy Propertycosta del sol these are the things that you need now. You can find the V60 Villa Jazmin, the best is right there now.

Tips for investing in a new home

Since 2013, the purchase of housing to be used for rent has maintained a growing trend because there is a high demand for real estate and little supply. In addition, and as a consequence, rental prices have increased, increasing the profitability of this investment.


Tips invest housing calculator

During the real estate boom, investment in housing was done differently. The buyer bought the apartment to sell it shortly after (sometimes he bought it off-plan and sold it as soon as he received it), and thus make a quick profit. The rapid and high revaluation of housing motivated this phenomenon. Things have changed after the crisis: there is a general growth in rent motivated, on the one hand, by the change of mentality of young people – less inclined to property than previous generations – and, on the other hand, by the difficulties they have to access the home owned. This has made investing in housing for rent in 2020 the most profitable option right now. According to data from the Rental Negotiating Agency, there is a demand for eight candidates for each home that goes on the market for rent.

But, as we mentioned at the beginning, to avoid making a mistake in any of your decisions, it is important that you follow these tips for investing in homes.


Looking for housing according to the type of rent

There is an adequate type of housing for each rental. That is why it is important that before investing in housing you decide what type of rent you want to allocate: residential, tourist or student. In general terms, the most sought-after apartment by investors is small and with one or two rooms, since both its price and its characteristics fit the most frequent tenant profile. However, real estate experts point out that the highest profitability is obtained with floors between 150 and 250 meters.

Better new work than second hand

Whenever possible, choose the best new construction flooring to invest in. It is true that their price is higher than second-hand, but nevertheless they have many positive aspects when it comes to renting or selling them. In addition to having a brand new property (with the attractiveness that this means for its future tenants), you will have a more modern home, with a better distribution, built with more current materials and with greater acoustic and thermal insulation (with significant savings that will mean in your monthly heating bill, etc.).

In addition, thanks to the guarantee of new houses, you will avoid having to pay for breakdowns for several years (something that, in case of selling it, will also be an added value for the new buyer).

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