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What To Do If A Burglar Breaks Into Your Home

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Break-ins are an unfortunate reality that nobody likes to consider. There are some things to lessen the danger associated with a break-in, even though nothing will repair the emotional damage caused. Here are top tips from locksmith hamilton about what you should do in case of a break-in.

Move away from your home and call the police

Police recommend the first step you should do is leave your home. Though most break-ins occur while you are away. Most burglars want to leave as quickly as possible and do not want to harm you. The intruder is unlikely to threaten if you are not at home. Since, most intruders escape through the back door escape, through the front door instead. Never confront the burglar.

If you are unable to escape, hide somewhere at home and lock the door from inside or barricade yourself.

Call the police at 911 and give them as many details as possible – appearance, clothing, and description of their gateway vehicle. If you are unable to talk, you can use the silent call procedure.

Activate your burglar alarm

Your second course of action is to activate the burglar alarm at home. Alternatively, you can set off the alarms in your car or smoke alarms. The idea is to create a loud noise to scare off the robber.

Be calm and complaint

In the worst-case scenario, and you come face-to-face with the intruder, try to stay calm and collected. Avoid any sudden movements or moving closer to the robber, and tell them to take everything they want while keeping your hands raised. Don’t jeopardize your life. Burglars often wear masks to protect their identity. Even, if you can see the intruder’s face, avoid making eye contact with them or looking straight at them. A burglar may act aggressively if they believe you can identify them.

Contact the locksmith

After you have filed the complaint with the police and they have completed the preliminary investigation at home. The police will give you a case number to track the case. Contact an emergency Locksmith to protect your home once the cops have departed. To ensure that your home is secure, an emergency locksmith can either replace your locks or, if your door is beyond repair, they will perform emergency boarding up.


Remember it is OK to be upset after a break-in. Give yourself time to process the robbery so you can move on. You can take a day off from work to regroup. It can take some time before you feel your house is safe again. Thanks for reading!

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