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What To Expect During A Boiler Installation

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Your boiler Installation Maidstone can be smooth if you know what to expect from the onset. One thing is for sure: it is impossible to do this on your own. Whether you are installing a replacement or it is the first time your home will be with a boiler, licensed engineers should be the ones doing the installation. This is because DIY efforts can put your family and other inhabitants of your home in danger.

Will you lose water supply?

When you book a credible boiler installation Maidstone team to do the work at your home, you can expect to have an uninterrupted cold water supply. The only supply that will be unavailable throughout the installation would be your hot water supply. Other than that, your life could just as usual.

What access do they need?

Access to pipes and boiler sites will depend on the structure of your home. This is why, prior to a boiler installation Maidstone procedure, it is recommended for you to allow diagnosis in your home. You can present them with a blueprint of the pipes installed around your house if this is available. Sometimes, architects and engineers who structure homes submit this to the city hall for approval. If you do not already have it, you may get it first before having your boiler installation done. Most of the time, the access engineers would need in your home is very minimal, but it is best to let them assess this themselves.

How long will this last?

Generally, boiler installation Maidstone does not last for more than a day. This is, of course, given that the boiler has already arrived at your home. Of course, the length of the installation would depend on the heating needs of your home, its size, its structure, and how many people are working on the installation project. However, if all goes well, installation works like this only take a day or shorter.

What to look for

It is good to shop around for good boiler installation Maidstone teams before having any boiler installations done in your home. You can always ask around for their licenses. The best way to assess their credibility, though, is to read up on them. Access home improvement forums for boiler installation recommendations. If you know someone in your neighborhood, you can also ask around for personal testimonies.


To protect yourself, you must only sign up with boiler installation Maidstone companies who offer damage repairs and free back jobs if their first installation was not a success. Of course, the ideal thing to do still is to lessen the risk of back jobs. Try to choose companies who have higher success rates. They might seem pricier at first, but it’s just less troublesome to work with real experts in the field. You can entrust your home to these experts.

If you are looking for a good boiler Installation Maidstone, contact Dacey Plumbing and Heating. They have been installing boilers for 20 years and are registered “Gas safe” in Kent.

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