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What Utensils Can Be Used On An Induction Cooktop?

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An induction cooktop is the first sign of a modern kitchen. Ever since its introduction, the induction chulha has gained widespread acceptance since it is easy to use and clean. The induction cooktop such as the one from Crompton is also easy to carry around and set up. It has become the go-to cooking medium for those who are living alone. 

An induction cooktop is also more energy-efficient. All you need are the right utensils, and you are all set to start cooking. Why do you need special utensils for induction chulha? And what kind of utensils work on it? Read on to find out more. 

How Does An Induction Cooktop Work?

To understand why only certain utensils work on the cooktop, you first need to know how it works. Unlike other modes of cooking such as a gas stove, there is no flame that heats the utensils in the induction cooktop.  

Instead, electricity is passed through the copper coil under the surface of the induction cooktop. The alternating current produces an electromagnetic field which induces eddy currents in the utensil. These currents lead to resistive heating. 

Deciding on Utensils For An Induction Cooktop

Due to the unique heating used by the induction chulha, only those utensils that are made with ferrous metals can be used on it. This means utensils that are made of stainless steel, iron or cast iron work perfectly fine on the induction cooktop. You can even use carbon steel utensils.

Utensils that are made of aluminium and copper cannot work on the cooktop because the magnetic fields produced by the coils will not be able to induce the eddy currents needed to produce resistive heating. 

But you may have come across aluminium or copper utensils that claim to be induction compatible. Manufacturers have realised that if they put a thick coating of some ferrous metal at the bottom of the vessel, then it becomes compatible with induction. 

You can find out if the utensil is induction compatible or not by flipping it over and looking for a symbol of a coil or a horizontal zigzag. 

Another way to find out if the utensil is compatible with the induction cooktop is to hold a magnet at the bottom. If the magnet clings to the bottom, then you can safely use it on the cooktop. 

Apart from the metal, there are a few other factors that can affect the utensils effectiveness on the induction chulha. 

Size of the Utensil

If the utensil is too small, then it may not be able to produce enough heat and therefore, will not be very effective. You will get an error message when you place small utensils on the induction cooktop.

If the utensil is too large and the edges go outside the edges of the induction, then the heating will not be uniform.   

The Flatness of the Bottom

For an induction cooktop, the area that makes contact with the surface is crucial in determining whether the utensil will work on it. Kadais that have a spherical bottom where the area of contact is very less will not be suitable for induction cooktops. Look for vessels that have a flat bottom for optimum heating.

The Thickness of the Bottom

Even if the utensil is made of the proper material, if the bottom is too thin, then it will not be suitable for induction cooking. The bottom will get heated really fast, and you will have little control. You may end up burning the food.   

Enjoy Induction Cooking!

An induction cooktop offers a multitude of benefits over traditional methods. Selecting the best induction cooktop and the appropriate utensils are all you need to do enjoy all of its benefits. Happy cooking!   



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