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What You Need To Know About Financing a New Construction

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A new construction gives a home buyer a chance to purchase their dream home and get all the wonderful features they want. Buyers work with their preferred builder to create the perfect home design and all the creature comforts of home. Financing for a new construction require many steps, and buyers must familiarize themselves with the process.

Getting a Preapproval

It is highly recommended that the buyer get a preapproval for their mortgage and evaluate their options. A new construction is not financed initially the same way as an existing property. The buyer must know how much they have available to them so they can calculate how much they can spend on the lot and the home design. Each of these elements is equally important. The buyer must research the preferred area and find out the price range for lots.

Financing the Lot for the Home

A real estate agent can assist the buyer in finding the best lot for their new property. The mortgage lender provides financing for the lot first, and once the buyer has financing for the lot they can get started on the new construction. The total mortgage will cover the lot and the property. However, the seller for the lot and the construction company completing the construction aren’t always the same parties. To review each step of the process, consumers can learn about Dustin Dimisa and his mortgage services now.

Adding the Property to the Mortgage

The buyer must choose a home design to build on the lot they selected. A builder will provide estimates for the home construction project, and the buyer gives the price quote to the lender. However, the estimate might not reflect the total price the buyer pays for the property. If any issues emerge, the buyer will see increases in the cost of the property. Once the home is constructed, the full price of the home is transferred to the builder.

Limitations that Could Apply to the Property

When a home buyer chooses a property inside a subdivision, there is a possibility that they will face some restrictions. Lots in subdivisions require the buyer to choose from a small collection of home designs that have a fixed price. A homeowner’s association will also require the buyer to pay dues each year, too. The homeowner’s association can also control what additional structures are built on the property, and the buyer must review the guidelines for homeowners before building additional fixtures outside the home.

Assessing Insurance Requirements for the Property

New constructions will more than likely require the buyer to pay for mortgage insurance for at least the first 20% of the mortgage. Homeowner’s insurance must be purchased and maintained throughout the term of the mortgage, too.

New construction projects start with the lot selection and a new home design. When financing the property, the lender starts with the lot and adds the property after the construction is completed. The buyer needs a preapproval to define their budgetary constraints and avoid overspending. Buyers can review mortgage options for a new construction by contacting their preferred lender now.

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