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When Is It Safe To Inspect Your Home After A Fire?

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While a fire incident is taking place — and well after the fire has been put out — your safety should always be paramount. Apart from hiring experts in Fire damage restoration, Tallahassee, Florida to help you bring back your home to normal, you also have to have your place inspected. But when is it safe to conduct the inspection?

Unless local authorities have advised that it is safe for you to go near your premises, do not attempt to do so. Bear in mind that fire can still reignite — therefore you have to wait for the firefighters to give you a go signal.

While you wait for your home to be safe for inspection, you have to know that there are things you must need to accomplish, including:

Seeking medical attention for burns (may it be minor burns or more serious ones)

Calling a relative or a friend and arranging a place where you can temporarily stay (especially if you have children or elderly in your household)

Considering getting help from a professional who can help your children cope from trauma

Notifying your insurance company and asking them about the process of filing for claims

What’s Included in a Fire Inspection

Once you have the green light to carry out a fire inspection, you can now get assistance from a contractor that specializes in inspection and fire damage restoration, Tallahassee, Florida.

To give you an idea about this elaborate process, we’ve listed down what’s commonly done during a fire inspection.

Roof inspection. Too much heat produced by the fire can significantly weaken your roofing system — to the point it can become destabilized and be urgently in need of repair.

Structural steel/iron inspection. The steel/iron used in the structures of your home can facilitate faster heat transfer, leaving the very foundation of your home vulnerable to damage.

Interior walls and framing inspection. Speaking of weakened structural integrity, a comprehensive inspection also entails thorough checking of your home’s walls and framing.

Window inspection. The most visible fire damages can be seen on your windows. From discoloration to be warping of your glass or even melting of your window frames, a fire incident can leave damages of varying degrees to these essential components of your home.

Plumbing and heating inspection. Because of their intricate design and layout, the pipes and ducts that make up your plumbing and heating system demand special attention and thorough inspection. Your and your loved ones’ health can be at risk if this system is not completely cleaned.

Water damage inspection. The water used to put out the fire in your home can also cause damages to your property. This is why experts in fire damage restoration, Tallahassee, Florida are also obliged to remove any water from your home and ensure that excessive moisture levels are addressed to prevent mold growth.

Household items inspection. Spilled chemicals that aren’t considered hazardous should be cleaned up while food, beverages, and medicine that have been exposed to heat or smoke should be properly disposed.

Fire damage restoration, Tallahassee, Florida is of utmost importance if you want to save some of your personal belongings. At Extreme Carpet Care, we have a team that’s ready to help you get back up from the ruins. Contact us today!

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