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Which Size and Type of Water Heater is best for your Home

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A relaxing warm water shower is what most look out for on winter mornings. Hot water cylinders are included in the most important appliances needed for a home, especially in houses that experience harsh and cold winters. When deciding on a hot water cylinder, it is important that you consider all the factors. This means, the budget, the size, the energy efficiency of the heater and a lot more. To help you in your decision, here are a few of the hot water cylinders available.

  1. Storage Water Heaters

These types of hot water cylinders offer a storage tank (reservoir) of hot water. This means you do not have to wait for a hot water shower. The water stored in the tank gets heated as soon as you switch on the hot water cylinder. You can get a constant flow of hot water with this heater. You have a choice of deciding on the 10, 15 or even 25 liters, based on the number of people present in your house. This has a LED indicator, multiple features for safety and the tank is rust-proof. 

  1. Instant Water Heaters

The hot water cylinders heat the water without needing any storage. These heaters are also termed as demandtype water heaters. The cold water is transferred to the unit that is tank less when you turn on the water. This is done through a pipe and is known to save a lot of energy. 

These hot water cylinders are affordable and can save on a lot of money. 

  1. Gas Water Heaters

Gas hot water cylinders like Baxi Duo-Tec are apt when you are looking to cut down on your utility bills. Instead of working on electricity, these hot water cylinders work on gas. 

  1. Solar Water Heaters

Solar hot water cylinders are considered to be extremely efficient since they get their energy from the sun. The disadvantage of these heaters is the expense incurred for installation. 

Most of the hot water cylinders running on solar energy have electric or gas boosters. That means, there is no inconvenience even on rainy or cloudy days. 

Considerations for choosing Hot Water Cylinder

To ensure you are choosing the bestwater heater for your home it is advisable to consider specific factors. Some of which are listed below. 

Space Matters

You need to be aware that choosing a conventional hot water cylinder means you are choosing a heater that is bulky and can occupy a lot of space. This heater requires a good amount of space for the installation. A tank less water heater can work well if you do want to save on space. This takes less space as it is compact. 

Energy Efficiency

As compared to the traditional hot water cylinders, the modern water heaters that are tank less are considered to be more energy efficient. This hot water cylinder heats the water only when this is being used. Thus the energy consumed is only during this time. 

With a traditional hot water cylinder, the water is stored in the tank. When this cools down, the system heats the water again. You can save a good amount of money every month with a heater considered to be energy efficient. 

Before you make a choice of the hot water cylinder, ensure you check out the energy factor. As compared to the tank less heaters, the cost of heaters is much less. You can choose to upgrade your hot water cylinder to a tank less one. 

Storage Capacity

A tank-type heater that is conventional works well if you are looking for storage capacity. A big hot water cylinder can store around 150 liters of water. This can fulfill all the bathroom, kitchen, and laundry needs. A water heater that is tank less can provide only a few liters of hot water at one time. 

In short, you need to decide on a hot water cylinder only after considering the many factors. 

Tips for Hot Water Cylinders

  • Look for a hot water cylinder that can be installed in the exterior of your home so that you can free up some space in your home. 
  • It is important that the hot water pipes of copper are well insulated. This brings down the cost of heating water. 
  • You need to take help from a well qualified and experienced plumber before you select any hot water cylinder for your home or commercial space. 
  • You can ask for installation of temperature control if you have a water heater of continuous flow. This means, the unit will heat the water to the temperature required. 
  • It is important to check out the rating of energy efficiency. 
  • The thermostat needs to be set at 65degress. This helps in killing different bacteria. 

Storage water heaters can store hot water for a longer period of time. This can be affordable and save on energy. This does not require a flow rate that is too high and is advanced in technology. 

You need to be aware that hot water cylinders add value to your home and add to the comfort and convenience of everyday living. 

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