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Why Choose A Quartzite Countertop For Your Kitchen?

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The countertops need durable materials that adapt to your style and the use you give to your kitchen. If you are looking for Pro Stone Countertops with the hardness and resistance of granite and the luxurious grain of marble, quartzite is the material for your kitchen countertop. In this post, we explain all the keys to choosing it.

Quartzite Countertops: Durable And Beautiful

The list of natural stones available on the market is numerous and varied. Specifically, quartzite is a natural stone of metamorphic origin, mainly of quartz; a sandstone rock of extraordinary hardness.

When quartz sandstone is exposed to changing temperature and pressure conditions, metamorphism occurs, and it becomes quartzite. Because sandstone includes other types of minerals, the resulting quartzite can have a wide range of colors, from the lightest like white or gray to the darkest like black, or pink. 

At a construction level, quartzite is often used as an exterior and interior flooring and cladding for exterior walls and facades. It can be obtained with different finishes as a kitchen worktop such as polished, matte, satin, or aged.

  1. Dark Sienna Quartzite: High Resistance For The Kitchen

The Dark Sienna quartzite is characterized by its deep black and gray with whitish streaks. With hardness and resistance comparable to granite and an aesthetic similar to the marble grain, it gives the kitchen an elegant and exclusive finish. 

Without a doubt, its strengths are its resistance to shocks and heat and humidity, with a very low water absorption rate. In addition, it is easy to clean since we only need soap and water to clean its surface.

  1. Quercus Quartzite: The Elegance Of Wood Texture

The Quercus quartzite, which means oak in Latin, evokes the texture and brown wood tones. Easy to clean and resistant to high temperatures, it is ideal to combine with other materials in classic and contemporary kitchens.

Available in table format with 2 and 3 cm thicknesses, Quercus quartzite can be obtained in a silk finish -smooth and less shiny to the touch- and polished, which highlights its brilliance.

  1. Sequoia Quartzite: Sophisticated Clarity For Modern Kitchens

The Sequoia quartzite is one of the most interesting natural stones for kitchen countertops. If you are looking for the cleaning and luminosity effect created by the white color, this quartzite will be the best ally in your kitchen. Easy to clean and resistant to high temperatures, this natural stone adapts even to small spaces as it provides a feeling of spaciousness.

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