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Why Is My Garage Door Opening On Its Own? 

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If your garage door is making weird noises, just shutting on its own or opening and closing on its own, you may need a more coordinated operation. Garage doors can stop working for several reasons. Often the issue is easy to fix; if; not, it’s worth getting an expert opinion first and spending money on parts.

Why Is My Garage Door Opening On Its Own?

  1. The torsion springs are broken

The spring is the essential part of your garage door. It’s a long, tightly wound metal coil that creates the tension that keeps the door shut. The ends of the torsion springs are attached to an ‘eye bar.’ It is attached to your ceiling and your header. When one end of the spring unwinds and has no more slack, it pulls on the eye bar, lifting the other end of the garage door. If you lose enough torque in the spring, you’ll notice that one side gets higher than the other.

  1. The cable is broken

The cables on your garage door are attached to both wheels that reside on the sides of the door. When the rollers turn, they pull on the cable as they go. When that cable has no more slack, it pulls on the pulley at each side of your garage door, and this causes the spring to be pulled tight. If a cable breaks, it’s not very visible, but you’ll feel it sure enough when you get in your car and try to drive out, only to discover that your garage door isn’t going anywhere.

  1. The opener is broken

Two brackets support the electric motor that makes your garage door go up and down, bolted to either side of the ceiling. Its adjustments are made by turning a knob attached to the pulley. This setup is pretty simple, and there’s only a little that can go wrong with it but it is possible that the arrangement of wires in the motor could cause problems. If your garage door doesn’t work when it should, it could be time to call an expert to check things out.

  1. The seal is broken

A garage door seal is a plastic strip that wraps around the entire garage door. It’s a simple piece of plastic, but it’s made to resist the weather and impacts from objects slamming into your vehicle. The only problem with seals is that they wear out. They can get torn, cracked, or worn down over time and eventually stop working. Replacing them is often a simple task involving some screws and bolts and a screwdriver or socket wrench set.

You should also check to see any wires near your garage door opener. Cables can get tangled or caught in the moving parts and cause the door not to open or close. If it’s a tangle of wires, you can remove them or turn off the circuit breaker that controls that side of your garage. Universal Garage Door Repair provides you with a professional garage door repair service. They offer services that include: Garage Door Parts & Accessories, Garage Door Service Opener Repair, Garage Door Installation, and Garage Door Maintenance. 

Business Name: Universal Garage Door Repair

Address:  2607 S State Street Suite B Salt Lake City, Utah 84115

Phone Number: (801) 784-4550

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