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Most sisal carpets fail from the carpet being too stiff, too dirt-sensitive and from a lack of maintenance. Properly managing these and other problems can minimize your risk of carpet failure. Ensure your carpet is free of rips, tears and stains for a longer life by regularly cleaning carpets with a high-performance vacuum cleaner.

The most common reason why sisal carpet fails is due to improper installation and application. Due to the nature of this natural raw material, it requires special attention during installation in order to keep the fibers in place and prevent them from separating and stretching too much.

Sisal carpet is an eco-friendly carpet that can be added to your home that is not only beautiful but also functional. However, there are certain factors that cause pilling and other rug issues. Here are some of the most common reasons why sisal carpets fail: the inner slits of sisal carpets are not open, which can cause intense friction and wear.


Sisal carpet is a must have for the home or office. The fibers are tightly woven and hold the natural shape of your toes allowing you to feel like you’re walking on ottomans, rather than hardwood floors. The pile is soft and squishy, so it conforms to the shape of your feet. Sisal is also stained resistant, which means that spills can easily be wiped up or brushed off

Experience saturated color and vivid detail with sisal carpet. At home a brilliant mix of ever-changing shades and textures that are unique to this type of carpet, including the attractive sisal-based backing, gives the decorator endless opportunity for design creativity. Sisal carpet offers a clean, natural feeling underfoot and is a great choice for an eco-friendly rug! It is naturally antimicrobial and its textured finish offers fantastic grip in all weather conditions.

Sisal carpet is a natural fiber that comes from the spiky fibers of the sisal plant. The sisal plant grows in the hot, dry regions of south Africa and other tropical areas. It is a grass-like plant that grows in stunning abundance.


There are numerous factors that affect sisal carpet. The value of crop, quality and supply of raw materials, and many other things contribute to the final cost. Hence, it is important to take these aspects into account when buying carpets or rugs at a reasonable price.

The factors that affect sisal carpet are the type of native or indigenous plant, climate and soil. The main components of a natural carpet are polypropylene fibers, which make up the body and hook rug. These fibers are made from polypropylene to create a sturdy and durable feel. Sisal’s main component is called sisal. It is also known as abaca, sheen, henequen and (Lana)and comes in two major forms: seed pods and dried leaves.

As a planet that is affected by the weather, there are many factors that affect how sisal carpet will wear over time. As sisal carpet gets older, the fibers begin to wear down more quickly so you will need to replace them more frequently.

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