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Why You Need to Install USB Electrical Outlets in Your Home

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How to Install a USB Outlet

Devices that charge via USB power ports are common these days. In most homes, you can find more than one tablet, smartphone or other mobile gadgets that use a USB cable. To charge these devices via a standard, three-pronged wall socket, you’ll need to get your USB cord plugged into an adapter first.

To make this easier, homeowners now have the option to install USB power plug socket (เต้าเสียบ usb, which is the term in Thai) to enable USB charging directly. That means you won’t need your adapters, and you use a single outlet to plug more devices, charge faster and make your standard three-pronged sockets available for other appliances.

Here we highlight the advantages of installing USB power plug socket in your home

Speed Up Charging

When there is no available USB adapter to charge devices from a three-pronged socket, people improvise by plugging it into a PC or TV USB port. However, charging this way might be sluggish; this is because your laptop or TV delivers a current of less than or 500 amps to your charging device. Plugging your device into a conventional wall socket will charge faster.

But Usb plug socket (เต้ารับ usb, which is the term in Thai) lets you charge up to 40 percent faster than your regular adapter. That is as a result of the smart chips included in outlets with USB. These small chips can detect the maximum charging amperage of devices and improve the current output to let each device charge as quickly as possible.

Free Up Three-Prong Receptacles

Adapters are often so big that they cover the entire socket. Installing USB plug socket lets you free up more three-pronged outlets for other uses. USB connections are streamlined, making it possible to charge two USB devices at a time.

Easy to Install

USB outlets are an upgrade to three-pronged sockets and can improve quality of life. It’s easy to install and lets you plug even more at the same time.

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