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5 signs your boiler needs replacing

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Boilers are one of the most important features in any house but, due to the normalcy of their function, it is very hard to notice when a fault develops. This can become very frustrating, dangerous, and even expensive because most people do not consider fixing or replacing their boiler until it stops working and the temperature inside the house drops. To avoid damages and answer the question of how do I know my boiler needs replacing? Here are five signs to look out for in your boiler. 

It takes longer to heat up 

The first and most common sign of bad boiler is the way it works. If your boiler is having problems, it will affect your heating system, which means that it will take longer for your house to heat up. When you notice that the temperature inside the house feels draftier/colder for a longer period of time than necessary, it may be a sign that need a boiler service

The bill gets pricey 

Another key tell for a boiler that needs replacement is the energy bill that you get at the end of the month. With a properly functioning boiler, your bill should be regulated but when your boiler develops a problem, you are likely to turn up the heating and that means your bill will get higher. So, if your energy bill starts getting expensive, you should get your boiler checked out in case of a replacement. 

It is leaking 

If you start noticing puddles around the location of your boiler, you should immediately put in a call for a replacement. Leaks from your boiler is also an indication that rust and corrosion may be occurring, which can lead to more damage in your house. As soon as you notice a leak, get a replacement for your boiler. 

Unpleasant smells 

You shouldn’t perceive any unfamiliar or odd odors with a perfectly working boiler so, if your boiler is giving off bad smells, that’s a serious sign to get a boiler service. Those odors may be proof of a carbon monoxide leak and that poses a problem to the health of all inhabitants of your house. The moment you sense unpleasant smells around your boiler, get a replacement. 

Sudden noises 

When your boiler starts up with a clanking or loud whirring noise, you should get cautious. It could be a problem with the valves, pumps, or just a general wear down of the boiler. In any case, the moment you start hearing unfamiliar noises from your boiler, you need to get a replacement. 

With these signs and annual boiler service, you can easily notice when a fault starts in your boiler. That way, you can get a replacement without the added cost of fixing damages. Get an expert to replace your boiler and save yourself from the frustration and danger of using a bad boiler.

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