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Fall inspired living room makeover

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It’s that time of the year again when we yearn for pumpkins, spice and all things nice. The warm summer air transitions into cool crisp breezes and the hustle of dry leaves falling from trees on the pavement make us realize that finally, autumn is here. 

Autumn has its own significance in the seasonal calendar and we feel like remodeling everything to accommodate the ambiance that accompanies this season. Warm clothes replace the airy summer clothes. Our meals include pumpkins, squash and cinnamon and our homes are no different too.

 Let’s discuss how we can showcase the season’s most beautiful colors, foliage and textures in our living room. 

  • Fireplace makeover: Fireplaces have a special significance in every living room. The mantle above the head is the perfect spot to showcase fall décor. You can either revamp your entire mantle piece or simply upcycle a few items to give the fall touch. Snip a few stems with leaves that are changing colors and place them in a clear vase above the fireplace. Decorate the wall with a vine wreath that is covered in fall colored leaves.  Visit the pumpkin patch and get white and orange ones. Place them tactfully near the wreath to complete the look.

  • Couches:  The standard colors for autumn are orange, yellow, red and brown. Since it’s virtually impossible to give the couches a complete makeover, the fall touch can be given by placing an orange colored throw on the couch, or placing acorn printed cushions on them. 

  • Coffee table:  These can be made the focal point this fall season for any living room. Accessorize with orange or yellow pumpkins, either big or small on the table with a clear vase filled with fall colored leaves as a pot pourri. If you aim to further jazz up the space, some fake small skulls can be placed with fake cobwebs on them to render the spooky Halloween touch. After Halloween these can be removed, but the rest of things can be kept till the weather transitions into winter.

  • Candles: The right fragrance in candles is all that is needed to make the perfect mood for any season. Autumn season calls for cinnamon and spice. There is an assortment of candles available in the markets that have special fall editions. Light these candles early in the evening to make your home warm, cozy and fragrant. Alternatively, take some dried orange peels and put them in a pot of boiling water with a cinnamon stick. Let this water simmer and you will be astonished by the aroma that is generated from this simple DIY trick.

Final word:  All in all there are multiple ways to decorate your homes for the coming season.  You can get plenty of ideas from your own pantry or closets, since there is nothing parallel to a creative mind. Here we have just discussed a few things but you can surely make more things work out for your living room.  

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