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Warning signs to clean the dryer duct

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The dryers when used for a long time are prone to get damaged or undergo wear and tear. Thus, it is essential to get them inspected at regular intervals. You can also do the dryer duct cleaning Nashville TN yourself to ensure the smooth functioning of the dryer.

Here are some common problems that you might face.

Dryer take more time for clothes

The dryer vent can take more time when it is clogged. If you see that your clothes are not drying properly it means the lint has blocked the vent. A dryer is designed so that it can push the hot moist air to dry the clothes. It also reduces the life of the machine. 

A burning smell

When you use your dryer and you notice a burning smell, you need to get it checked. Lint is very flammable. It can build up in the lint trap, the drum casing, and exhaust tube. If you overlook this smell in the starting, it might turn into fire in future. So, you should empty the lint trap after use. 

The dryer’s outside and the clothes are too hot

When you touch your clothes or outside of the dryer, you may notice that it has become too hot after a cycle. This is the sign of poor exhausting of the vent. It is clogged, so it will not only waste the energy, but also lead the heating blower and element in the dryer. 

Don’t inspect from a long time

The dryer duct requires at least one inspection in a year. If you skip the inspection, it may lead to carbon monoxide poisoning and fire risk. So, you should clean it every year or you can hire professional for your vent cleaning. 

The vent hood flap doesn’t work 

If you don’t clean your dryer duct for many months, you may see debris or lint outside vent opening or around the dryer hose. So, the vent hood flap will not open properly and air will not flow properly.  

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