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Why Should You Opt for Composite Garden Decking?

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In recent years, Composite decking has become very popular. Today, it is being preferred by more landowners over other types of decking options for their own properties. This kind of decking can perfectly fit in, whether you have an uneven yard space or have disruptions such as tree roots on the way. It can offer all kinds of value that you would need for your garden space. It can also be used for creating multiple decking levels. Find out why you need to choose Garden Decking Leeds.

Eco friendly

95% of materials that are used in the construction of boards for Composite Garden Decking Leedsare recycled. This is one major advantage of over other decking options. Mostly, these are composed of waste plastic containers and wood fiber that would be scrapped otherwise even if not recycled. In case you are looking for an eco-friendly option, it can be an extra benefit for you.


When compared to Garden Decking Leeds options such as timber, composite decking is much cheaper to set up. Although, in the initial stage, softwood and hardwood options may be cheaper, more regular treatment and staining is needed for these boards as compared to composite boards. On an average, composite decks can last for as long as 20 years. Thus, over the long term, these can be a cheaper option as compared to timber decking. Also, you can save sufficient money on repairs and replacement before the end of the lifespan of Composite Garden Decking Leeds.

More comprehensive range of colors

Composite boards can also be ideal for your outdoor space, as you can get more options when it comes to finishes and color ranges – even more than what you can get from timber decking. For instance, you can get these in traditional as well as contemporary or even rustic colors. There is a wide range of colors that you can find Composite boards in, to match your garden design and taste.


While setting up patio or Garden Decking Leeds, many people are concerned whether the option that they choose will turn out to be slippery. However, the low absorbency level of composite boards – which can minimize algae and mold growth as much as possible. It also gets slippery only rarely when wet. These are also among the most perfect options for homes and properties located close to water, due to their anti-slip textured surface.

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