Home Furniture How to match the furniture with the wall colour?

How to match the furniture with the wall colour?

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The warmth and sense of security in your home comes from the walls that surround you. The colour of your walls has a profound impact on the space as well as your mind. That is why it is essential to consider all factors while choosing a wall colour. Colours and their various shades should be seen and tested in the room against the wall before you choose to start the colour. The amount of natural light, the size of the room, the purpose of the room, and other such things should be kept in mind while settling for a choice.

If the wall colours are the heart of the house then the furniture is the soul. These 2 should be in sync and fit together harmoniously. Let us look at some ways you can determine the kind of furniture to buy based on the colour of the wall.

  1. Blue or green – These are both cool colours and should be used on an accent wall instead of the whole room. However, if you wish to opt for a dark shade of blue or green for the whole, it is wise to take into account the size of the room as these colours may make it look smaller. The darker shades are known to be relaxing and lower stress levels. These can be used in bedrooms or living rooms as well. While looking to buy a sofa set online, you can look at mustard, gold, pink, off white or lime green against a wall of blue. Whereas against a green wall you may wish to look at red, pink, purple, and brown.
  2. Grey walls – Gray is a neutral colour and the room can be shaped as you want if the wall is grey. It is like having a plain canvas to play with and hence all colour palettes can go perfectly with this wall. You can match this wall with more neutral colors like white or beige for a minimalistic statement. If you wish to make a colourful and positive impact, then buying furniture with vivid colours can make the space more vibrant. While looking for a tv wall unit against a grey wall, you can look at brighter shades like yellow, red, or orange.
  3. Pink and other colours – The lighter shades of colours can impart a sense of innocence and inner peace when you look at the wall. A sky blue colour can give you a feel of the ocean or the sky and make your room calming. The colours of furniture to pick from are green, mustard, red, blue and gold.
  4. Red or orange – Colours belonging to the hot scheme like yellow, red or orange can make a bold statement and need to styled to balance the loudness of the colours. These colours are perfect for areas where you intend to entertain guests. Pairing these with teal, pink, lime green or aquamarine can be effective.

Spruce up your space with these lovely ideas!

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