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Creating the Perfect Entrance for Your House

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The first thing people will look at when they visit you is your house—its exterior, to be exact. The entrance to your house is what makes or breaks the impression you’re trying to make—and you can nail it in several ways. 

The entrance of your house should capture the attention of visitors. Whereas, the entryway should make them feel invitedand comfortable. 

You should pay careful attention to the details. From the addition of a small bench for guests to sit down and take their shoes off to adding a wall mirror for them to check themselves in—it’s all in the details. 

Make it Look—and Smell—Good

Flowers make your house both look and smell good on the outside. Adding nice-smelling flowers (and yes, there are bad-smelling flowers) to your entrance can add a delicate, natural fragrance to your walkway. This natural scent can truly transform a person’s mood.

Then again, flowers of any kind are bound to make your house look idyllic. It’s a lovely touch of nature that adds a pop of much-needed color. 

Color-Co-ordinate Everything

The walls, deck, furniture, and flowers should complement each other in terms of shade. Otherwise, it all ends up looking as an unattractive big mess. If you prefer warm-toned colors, gocolors such as orange and yellow for your furniture and flowers. On the other hand, you can go for blues and greens if you want to go for a cooler more subdued look.

Before ordering anything, figure the color combinations out. If you can’t make the right decision, talk to the professional providing you with the furniture and products. For example, always talk to the professionals about your door options.

Patio Doors

Nothing sayselegance like French doors but those aren’t your only options. 

If you’re someone who prefers intricate shapes and designs, we’d say skip the basic single and double flats. Instead, opt for double full arches. A double full arch door brings a medieval look to your outdoors. You can pair these up with single full arch doors

That’s not to say that more angular shapes can’t add more elegance to your backyards and patios. A double flat top is uniquely shaped and cleverly designed enough to give your patio a look that’s pointedly different from other people’s houses. 

However, what works best are doors that come accentuated with intricate work—even a single flat door with intricate work can upgrade your patio. For a more British look, single arch doors can do the job. 

Add a Bench

The experience doesn’t end outside your house. Your guests will still be taking in everything once they’ve entered the house and this is where the bench comes in. Adding a bench near the entrance door is more than giving your guests a place to sit while they take their shoes off—it’s you telling them that you take everything into account. You have considered the tiny details and have then introduced a bench by the door because you’re that meticulous. It signals to your guests that you are mindful in your house décor and that matters a lot. 

Utilizing the Entryway

While it’s true that the entryway can be narrow in most homes and not offer much in terms of space, you can always utilize the walls and the ceiling to enhance your décor sense. Mirrors, picture frames, dim lights—all add a touch of style to the entryway. Leaving the walls bare is no sin, but why leave them bare when you can add your own style to them? 

Cut the Clutter

While it’s nice—and recommended, in fact—to display souvenirs or art pieces in the entryway, be wary of clutter. It’s easy to get carried away when decorating but less is always more. Elegance isn’t achieved through an excessive addition of items. Instead, it is achieved through things being in their proper places. Never underestimate the importance of space while decorating.

No matter what you choose to display or decorate your entryway with, ensure that you are not overdoing it. Give your wallsand your guests, space to breathe.

Add a Mirror

This is optional but adding a mirror in your entryway ensures that you are giving your guests a chance to check themselves in it and they will be grateful. People do want to see if they’re looking well when they visit someone and often it’s embarrassing to want to go to the bathroom. With a mirror right in the entryway, they don’t need to embarrass themselves. 

Additionally, you’ll be using the same entryway when you walk out of the house before going anywhereand the wall mirror will work nicely to give you one last look at yourself.

About Pinky’s Iron Doors

Established in 1948, Pinky’s Iron Doors is a family business that provides North Carolina residents with hand-forged iron door options. There’s a whole collection of entry doors to be bought at Pinky’s, ranging from iron to steel doors.


Disclaimer: Exposure to various elements and continued usage can affect the product in different ways. We strive to ensure that all the information provided is deemed reliable, but results cannot be guaranteed as iron products are subject to rusting, discoloration, and corrosion when exposed to environmental elements.

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