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The Best Colors For Your Facade

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A good facade is one that invites you to enter. The exterior of your house should be attractive so that you feel like arriving after a hard day, and your loved ones would want to visit it regularly.

For this reason, we want to give you some tips to find the ideal tone that brightens the exterior of your house, we are going to see the best colors for your facade depending on your type of home.

When we talk about rustic style, the classic combinations are a sure hit. Many rustic-style houses have two floors. If this is your case, you can differentiate the top and the bottom by painting each one with a different shade of the same color. For example, with a lighter beige on the top and a slightly darker one on the bottom.

The Best Shades For Colonial-Style Facades

In colonial-style homes, reddish tones are perfect for painting the facade. This exterior type also has many details, such as moldings, decorated doors, and windows that will go great in white.

In the original colonial-style buildings, pink tones were worn. If we use wooden elements on the façade, we must choose one that either contrasts with the tone used on the wall or acts as a continuity. That is, it is the same color in a different tone or an analogous color.

The Best Colors For Exterior In Wooden Houses

Although the most common is to apply only a varnish that respects the color of the wood, it can lose its natural beauty over time. When the time comes, wooden houses can regain their original splendor with paint in green, blue, or gray tones that also give the home a unique and personal touch.

Remember that in addition to choosing the best colors for your facade, you should also hire professional Oahu Pro Painters. Only in this way will you achieve a durable finish that will keep your home in perfect condition for years.

The Best Colors To Paint A Contemporary Facade

In the contemporary style, contrasts are carried. It is very common to choose white as the base color and a second “garish” tone, such as yellow or green, to bring joy to the details. 

Another winning combination is the facade’s basic colors and the orange or purple tones for the elements such as doors, windows, and other decorations. Black and gray reinforce the feeling of sobriety that is pursued in the minimalist style.

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