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Tips and Tricks To Combat Dust (From The Environment) In Summer

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During the summer there are many homes that keep the windows open to let the air flow and thus keep the house cool and ventilated.

Dust is one of the main particles that form layers of dirt on the floor, on objects and in other corners of the home.

They come from outside, so dust is generated in abundance during this time of year.

Many of us do not give importance to it and neither to what extent it can affect us. This simple layer is responsible for allergies such as mites and other respiratory diseases.

Now, this does not mean that we should close the windows or air out the house, not much less. When proper cleaning maintenance is carried out by following a few small tricks that Euro Maids has developed in this article, the conditions of your home will improve notably during the summer days.

Tips For Cleaning Dust

  • First, open the windows. Although it seems contrary to the aforementioned, the spaces must be aired. This way we get the air to be oxygenated and the humidity to be regulated.
  • In addition, suspended particles and bad odours are carried away by the air current that is created when ventilating.
  • Close curtains, lower blinds, and extend awnings (if available).
    It will be of great help so that so much dust and heat does not enter.
  • Euro Maids recommends closing the windows in the hottest hours, in order to prevent hot air from entering.
  • Dust cleaning is done from top to bottom. It is essential to start with furniture, fans reaching the floor, that is, from top to bottom.
  • Otherwise the dust from above and it would fall to the ground and it would be a pointless job.
  • To remove the dust that gets embedded in the home, use microfiber cloths, as it absorbs it effectively.
  • Take time once a week to thoroughly vacuum your entire house. Today you can find vacuum cleaners that contain liquid filters that do not raise dust when you empty the tank where the dirt is stored and even with an anti-mite system.

In addition to these tricks, Euro Maids recommends having the doors of the furniture available, cabinets, among others, well closed.

During the cleaning and clearing of cabinets, take advantage of cleaning the inside thoroughly since a lot of dust is generated throughout the year.

With these tips and tricks on how to combat ambient dust in summer, hot days will become much more enjoyable and you will perceive the environment of your home much more pleasant.

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