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How To Choose An Air Dryer

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One way to prevent oxidation and condensation problems is to install an air dryer, which will remove the water from your air compressor.

Air dryers are an essential part of your compressed air system. When you use a variety of air tools or air-powered machines, having a dryer is paramount. 

An air compressor that absorbs 20 liters of air per second also delivers 24 liters of water per day. About 15 of those liters will be removed in the aftercooler. Another additional 7 liters will be removed in an air dryer.

Why Use An Air Dryer?

As the name implies, dryers are used to dry compressed air. They remove moisture, which results in dry air. This way, your valuable machines and tools are protected from water and oxidation. In addition, the system responsible for transporting the compressed air will be protected.

How To Dry Compressed Air

There are a few ways to consider when drying compressed air:

  • You can lower the temperature and then reheat it. Condensation will form at a low temperature, where water can be discharged. After reheating, the air will be dry. This process is used in refrigerated compressed air dryers.
  • Adsorption: Water adheres to the surface of adsorption material (desiccant). The desiccant is regenerated until the water is removed.
  • Absorption: The water in compressed air is chemically bound to an absorbent material. The water dissolves in the material. Both water and material will discharge.
  • Over compression: Compressed air cools down. Any form of condensate is removed, and the air expands to its normal pressure. This process is little known and has a higher cost than the others.

What Is Ideal For You?

Mainly, this will depend on the use you want to give the dryer. Usually, a refrigerated air dryer will suffice, it will lower the pressure dew point to about 3°C. This means that as long as the air temperature does not drop below this degree, you will be safe.

Considerations To Keep In Mind When You Want To Buy A Compressed Air Dryer

When you decide to buy one, keep in mind that the capacity and the maximum pressure must be correct for the compressor. Also, make the choice of the Fluid-Aire Dynamics available to you. Refrigeration dryers are the most economical option when it comes to saving energy.

In addition, keep the price of purchase in mind and that the annual energy costs will not be the only expenses you will make.

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